Useful Ayurvedic Treatment of Acidity

Acidity is a condition caused by overflow of the acid by the gastric glands of the abdomen. The stomach naturally create gastric or HCl to digest and break down food but the over production of this acid is due to triggering factors such as acidic food, dehydration and stress. Eating harmful and spicy foods or lying down instantaneously after the meal causes the acidity. Infection with a bacterium called the Helicobacter pylori is also a causes the acidity in some cases. Symptoms of acidity include nuisance in the abdomen, some heart trouble, and throat, difficulty swallowing, other conditions such as regurgitation, restlessness, abdominal pain, nausea, bad breath, prolonged sour taste in the mouth, indigestion, constipation, etc.

Heartburn or acidity is caused by an intemperance of the abdomen acid. The acid produced by the gastric glands is necessary for the digestive process because it produces certain enzymes that have the role of causing food particles to crash into small pieces so that our body is able to assimilate them. But If the gastric glands produces a large amount of the acid from our abdomen, then the option of the acidity or heartburn is unavoidable.

In addition to some medications prescribed in the Treatment of Acidity, there are range of the natural and beneficial treatments.

For example, water is a very most useful Treatment of Acidity or heartburn if it is caused by irregular eating habits. If you want to get instant relief and get rid of irritation from your abdomen then you can drink some usual water in every morning. Cloves offer a more capable and instant relief. If you suck a small piece of clove, the acidity from the abdomen reduce and you will feel much better. One of the best remedies is milk. If you have a heartburn or acidity attack, drinking a glass or a cup of cold milk mixed with a spoon or less sugar will give you a lot of liberate in a minute. Regularly prepared fresh mint juice is very cooperative. It balances the acid content and is a huge remedy for the heartburn. Treatment of Acidity.

Ginger has been proven to be the most useful and beneficial remedy in many diseases involved in heartburn, acidity and many other gastrointestinal sickness. If you suck, chew and swallow a small piece of ginger, the terrible symptoms of acidity will disappear instantly. It is advisable to use ginger habitually. You can utilize it in raw form in salads or as a spice in many cooked meals. If you mix the ginger pulp with equal amount of coriander and then chew this combination well and then swallow it you will feel quite relieved. If you take this treatment usually then you can prevent other heartburn problems.

Vegetables and Fruits in the form of papaya, banana, water melon or cucumber or guava are known as the best remedies in indigestion and acidity. When high, they have the property to prevent these digestive difficulties.

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